RA500D / RA1000D Amplifier

Datron offers high-power amplifiers to complement its 7000-series transceivers. These amplifiers are available in models ranging from 100W to 1kW, and come in both professional and military versions. In conjunction with a 7000-series transceiver, a modem, and appropriate data software package, these amplifiers can be used as part of a high powered radio data network.

These 500W and 1000W HF linear RF amplifiers are designed for use with exciters operating in the 1.6 to 30 MHz frequency band to form high-power HF systems. The amplifiers interface seamlessly with Datron’s RT7000 HF transceiver and can be used with any transmitter having an appropriate power output and compatible control interface.



  • 1.6 to 30 MHz
  • Continuous duty operation, voice/data
  • Internal AC/DC power supply
  • Full antenna VSWR protection
  • FWD/REF RF power metering
  • Over temperature/current protection
  • Over-drive/imbalance protection
  • Front panel status indicators
  • 19" rack-mount package