RAT1000C Antenna Tuner

For those users that require narrowband antenna systems, Datron offers professional and military automatic antenna tuners in models of 125W and 1kW. These HF tuners transform the complex impedance of the tuner and antenna combination into 50 ohms to match the output of the transceiver. Each tuner that Datron offers is rugged, waterproof, and can be used in either mobile or fixed station configurations.

The RAT1000C is a 1kW automatic antenna tuner developed to interface directly with Datron’s RT7000 HF transceiver and also can be used with any HF transceiver having an appropriate RF power output and control interface. It will automatically match the 50 ohm output of the transmitting system to a wide variety of end-fed unbalanced antennas such as whips and long wires. The tuner can provide tactical security up to 200 meters from the associated transmitter and offers continuous operation under sever environmental conditions.



  • Completely automatic antenna tuning
  • 100 channel memory – ALE and silent tuning applications
  • 1 kW RF power rating (designed for use in data systems)
  • MIL-STD-810 for environmental performance
  • Tunes whips and long-wire antennas
  • Control interface to RT7000 transceiver
  • Waterproof